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Suspension and Resumption Criteria Software Quality Assurance


The idea is to remove process bottlenecks for future test cycles. In an Ideal world, you will not enter the next stage until the exit criteria for the previous stage is met. So for this tutorial, we will focus on activities and deliverables for the different stages in STLC life cycle.

suspension criteria in software testing

Lastly, we include the important part of risks and contingencies. You need to see ‘Features to be tested’ section to adequately define the testing approach in your test plan. We can stop the testing of the application when the Alpha and beta testing of the application is over. When the allocated budgets for testing the application is coming to an end. If there are some predefined passed test case percentages and you can achieve that pass percentage number, then you can stop the testing.

STLC Phases

Describe any special consideration or details about the particular feature, if required. And don’t forget to identify entry and exit criteria for the testing. Well-written documentation lies at the core of an efficient QA process.

  • The test data must be exact and comprehensive to find the flaws.
  • This list should include all features that need to be tested and the time planned for testing.
  • Moreover, the resources, test environment, test limitations and the testing schedule are also determined.
  • As a rule, a project team uses one Master Test Plan and several shorter Test Plans for different levels or types of testing that describe individual modules of the same application.

Thus, you can prepare a template and use it for every project, filling it with specific data. Haris has been working as a professional software engineer as well as a passionate technology writer and blogger for over four years. Helping the QA and developer teams identify and overcome any potential hurdles or challenges they might face during the actual testing phase. When the bugs level of the application comes below to the prescribed level. We Can stop the testing when we are not able to find any more defects in the application by following the predefined test cases. So how we will conclude that the testing is enough, we will try to figure out with taking some real-time examples.

Test Case Development Phase

At this stage, you and your QA team should discuss what type of testing to use during the quality assurance process. You can choose different types of testing depending on the product itself and your testing goals. Resumption is resume or restart of the process which is invoked after the suspension criteria are met. As the name suggests resumption is the contrary process of suspension. It involves verification of the defect by which suspension was invoked during the testing process. After the testing process gets suspended, the testing team should immediately provide the criteria of suspending the flow of testing to the project manager.

The project schedule will help the test manager and organizational leadership in tracking and monitoring the progress of the testing project. Therefore, it’s important that a project schedule sets reasonable deadlines for testing tasks. It’s also important to anticipate factors such as potential hurdles, employee schedules and leaves, and project deadlines when building a testing schedule.

All About Iterative Model!

Situations of misunderstanding between clients and team members could lead to an increase in overall project time. To avoid such unfavorable scenarios, we prepare the knowledge base. In the glossary we gather the main specialized terms that are frequently used in the working process.

suspension criteria in software testing

If I have prepared the test case document for version 2.0 and I got the new build say 2.1 then I have to add the test cases for version 2.1.My question is that How should I do that? • The number of open incidents produce a situation where they cumulatively mean testing has no value at a given point in time. In such circumstances it makes little or no sense to continue to test and waste precious resource and time. • In case if any major feature or set of functionalities in the built system is not implemented as expected by the customer.

Re-Planning Testing Activities :

Select a portion of the test suite to be run for this cycle based on risk. Identify the databases, server operating system, and other necessary components. It is then followed by a step-by-step strategy, described below, to achieve these three goals. The test data must be exact and comprehensive to find the flaws. Entry criteria are conditions that must be met for a task to be performed; if any of these factors are missing, the job cannot be completed.

While estimating, a QA team should include both optimistic and pessimistic estimates to account for unpredictable complications that may occur during the testing process. When the testing team is suspending any testing process they should provide the proper reason and the documentation which defines the acceptable level of the defect with them. The everyday work of the software development specialists coupled with specialized vocabulary usage.

Exit Criteria in STLC

Having all these requirements in your test plan makes it easier for the test manager and development to set up all the resources that will be required before beginning the testing phase. Reviewing the software product documentation, if available, is the best way to gain insight into an application’s features and aspects. If there is no documentation , speak with the engineering team and Product teams and play around with the product yourself. Sometimes, holding meeting sessions with the users can also lead to a better understanding of the product in less time. So to find out the above things, we must have strong and throughly covered test cases that can include various scenarios before the beginning of the test execution cycle.

Stop the testing of the application when the release deadlines or testing deadlines have reached. But we can say that both of the above statements are contradictory because we can satisfy the statement even by doing nothing. Also, the second statement is meaningless because it does not ensure the quality of our test cases. Do not wait for your clients to tell you that your systems are not working. Your clients will not wait for your systems to react to finish the purchase. Test result analysis to find out the defect distribution by type and severity.

Top 10 Attributes Every Sample Test Plan Document Must Have

As it states that, it will always take place after the suspension process is invoked. It is valid if the defect which caused the suspension of the testing process gets fixed and the fix is verified by the testing team. Before invoking resumption, smoke testing needs to be performed and confirmed by the testing team once intimated by the owner of the issue, that the system is up and ready for testing. Test deliverables must give a list of all the documents planned for creation during the QA cycle. Along with it, mention the schedule and timeline for the production and submission of these documents. It is recommended to isolate your testing activities and continue completion of your tasks, while the product is being developed.


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